New year, same pier

It is perhaps my earliest memory—meandering through a vast mall with my dad and brother, somewhere in Chicago.

Only last week did I discover where exactly this somewhere was: Navy Pier.

It came up in conversation with my brother, when we were talking about Chicago—where I'll be interning soon, with WBEZ.

During out chat, I recounted that memory.

I could remember feeling a sense of intrigue at all the many, many people—more people than I had ever seen in one place at that age.

But I couldn't remember where I was.

"That was Navy Pier," my brother said.

And where are the studios of WBEZ? Navy Pier.

As I head into my internship this new year, I feel a sense of intrigue at all the many, many people (and dogs) who make up Chicagoland and its many, many stories.

It's a feeling similar to the one I felt years ago.

The intrigue comes full circle. Or—since it's a pier—full rectangle.