Definitely the former

My favorite part of my internship is the 10% discount I get off Navy Pier restaurants, McDonald's and Bubba Gump Shrimp not included.

A close second would be the people I work with.

It's not that I don't enjoy my coworkers. They're awesome people. It's just that I really enjoy tax-free lunch.

I am, of course, joking.

Not about the people I work with, though. They're super.

So super that if I had to choose between eating lunch with one of my coworkers at a restaurant outside Navy Pier where I have to pay full price and eating lunch by myself at a restaurant inside Navy Pier where I can dine knowing Cook County just lost out on 87 cents, I would choose the former.

Wait, which one is the former? Hold on, I have to go back and check.

Okay, got it. Definitely the former.